Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rant Rant Rant - you have been warned!

I was going to post this as a reply to 'Anonymous' in my post about the wonderful Paraplegic brace video I just bought, but I decided it was better suited here, as it's something I'm pissed off and passionate about.

So mister 'Anonymous' said that if I had other videos from that studio, that he would love to trade videos with me. As in, not pay for premium content, just 'swap', like pokemon cards. Though unlike Pokemon cards, he wants to trade $20 videos that these people (The brace studio) are spending real money, buying medical gear and paying models and producing content for us, in order to make some money back and possibly even earn a living.
This is exactly the reason I won't do an eBook or audio version of my book, because as soon as one person has a copy they can email or FTP somewhere it gets used as currency for trading for other premium content, like videos and pictures. This is why one of my favorite sites of all time, Glass Phoenix, seems to have trouble too.
If someone - a studio or a model - is charging for content - ESPECIALLY if they're charging reasonable rates, then we have a responsibility to pay that if we expect them to keep doing it, and if we expect others to do it. Would YOU make a video if there was 100% chance it would be pirated to everyone that wanted a copy after only a handful were sold? Not a great business model there...
I'm sure one of the reasons some studios charge outrageous rates is because of the 'trading' issue - they sell five copies and suddenly 1000 devotees have a copy. They have to make their money back and if they can't count on 100 people buying it for $10 then they'll have to charge 10 people $100...

So, to wrap up my mostly incoherent rant, if more people took this seriously and refused to trade premium devotee content, if more people just paid for the videos and images they liked, I'm willing to bet more studios would do this kind of thing and charge more reasonable rates for it. I'd love for it to be as easy and affordable to get wheelchair or cast or brace fetish porn as it is to get, say, spanking or bondage fetish material. Not mainstream, of course, but not so generalyl hard to find and expensive as it is now...


  1. Trading is also one of the many reasons everyone who knows about devs that isn't disabled or a dev, think we're scum. I'm guilty of it, but once I got a job (only 19 here), I quit trading. It's like anything else that has a very small collection of people. You don't want to hurt it, you want it to grow. This is the kind of thing that is killing paintball as well.

  2. Honestly I don't think trading premium fetish content is the main reason 'normals' think poorly of devs, especially since downloading pirated films like Avatar reached epic proportions in 2010 - over 16 MILLION illegal downloads of Avatar. And really, this isn't about what other people think of us, it's about respect, it's about paying someone an honest fee for the work they do, it's about if you enjoy entertainment - fetish or otherwise - than you should pay the performers.
    As a fetish content provider this hits near and dear to my heart - if I go through all this work (and it's a LOT of work) to put out a book and I only sell 15 copies, but suddenly everyone in the dev community is raving about how good it is because they read it for free - that would crush me. I can only assume it's the same for Paige or Candi or Sakura Girls or any of the other providers who go through all the time, money, and effort to create quality fetish content, only to have it 'shared'... We're not talking Jim Cameron here, you're not stealing from Warner Brothers...

  3. Stealing someones work is still stealing weather form Cathy {or other small low magian fetish providers} or Warner Brothers. If you want new content at a fair price pay for it. Those who produce the work may be doing it for the love of it but they still deserve compensation {video and still photos and stories cost more than time and effort to produce} respect the creative effort and don't destroy the market.

  4. you HAVE to check this one out!!!!