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Story - The Adventures of Mandy and Cathy, Chapter 1

The Adventures of Mandy and Cathy, Chapter 1 By Paragirl

It started out with a smile and a martini. Cathy saw Mandy in a local bar, primarily a lesbian establishment though the occasional curious breeder did wander in. Immediately she knew Mandy was different, special. Her perfect blond hair, her large, gorgeous breasts, her killer smile - all these paled in comparison to Mandy's outfit. It was simple, a short black dress with an elegant plunging neckline, but it showed so much more than cleavage. Cathy stared at the high-tech prosthetics which made up all four of Mandy's limbs. She didn't care why or how, she just knew that she wanted to experience this woman in every way possible. So naturally, she bought her a drink...

One Martini (selected because the glass seemed easily gripped by the sleek silver hooks that acted as Mandy's hands) and three hours of conversation later, and Mandy and Cathy were in love. Not just 'hey you're sexy let's go to my place', but real, genuine love, with a heavy does of lust on top... They went back to Mandy's place that night, and they slept together, but it was just that - Cathy sleeping with her arm around her abbreviated girlfriend, finding a sensual comfort in the smooth, round stumps that brushed against her naked skin.

Mandy had contracted Meningitis in college, as Cathy had first expected when she saw her - a young twenty-something quad amputee was not a common occurrence, odds were good that it was Meningitis. Cathy also learned soon that Mandy actually hated her high-tech prosthetics, and when they were home together Mandy preferred going without. She had an intensely sexy way of walking on all fours, as her stumps were all of a size and shape to allow for fluid, even graceful locomotion that way. Cathy soon had several sets of custom made leather stump boots delivered - in white and black leather - that Mandy began using daily around the house. Out in public she still wore her prosthetics, but Mandy couldn't wait to get home and get 'naked' - that is, get the bulky prosthetics off and have Cathy put her comfy and sexy stump boots on, usually with a tight pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Their sex life was amazing, so passionate yet playful and fun. Then one day, Cathy and Mandy were naked in bed, Mandy caressing Cathy all over with her soft, sexy stumps, when Cathy - sucking on Mandy's nipple - felt a little too excited and bit a little too hard. Mandy yelped, but then moaned loudly, her hips bucking involuntarily. Cathy nibbled again, just as hard, and the moans became louder, and Mandy rolled over onto her back, her short arm stumps actually reaching for her pussy as Cathy nibbled and pulled at her sensitive nipples. Mandy came strongly at the intense nipple stimulation, then set to attacking Cathy's wet pussy with such ferocity and passion that Cathy came in minutes, shouting loudly over and over.

That weekend Cathy surprised Mandy with a trip to the body piercers, buying her two pretty gold nipple rings, 14 gauge. Mandy was so excited by the time the rings were in that they skipped their planned lunch and headed right back home for more very hot sex. Any time Cathy tugged on Mandy's nipple rings, Mandy moaned with pleasure and desire. Cathy teased Mandy one her prosthetic arms were off, because her arms stumps could brush against her nipple rings, but she couldn't tug on them by herself - a situation Cathy loved.

Mandy definitely had submissive traits from the beginning, and Cathy started taking advantage of those more and more, to the delight of both women. Cathy bought a variety of strap-on dildoes and other devices and began taking Mandy from behind - the 'ultimate doggy style' as it were, with Mandy's leg stumps splayed wide, allowing total penetration by Cathy. She would then return the favor, usually using her stumps and tongue to pleasure Cathy - Cathy shivered whenever those warm smooth stumps touched her anywhere, and the things that her lover could do with them...

Then, tragedy struck, completely unexpected. A freak accident at work left Cathy completely blind, plunged into a world of unthinkable darkness. Mandy stood by her through it all, naturally, and helped as much as her condition allowed, but Cathy began to despair. She had never experienced a feeling of helplessness like this - like most people, she didn't realize how much she took her eyesight for granted until she had permanently lost it.

The settlement from the accident was enough for Mandy and Cathy to live very comfortably, thankfully, but that was little comfort as Cathy found herself bouncing off walls and tables, her white cane of very little use to her. Mandy began giving her little helpful hints - 'a little left' or 'sofa on your right' as Cathy navigated the house blind, but it was obviously frustrating for both women; their relationship started to strain. Then Mandy had an idea.

It was midmorning and Cathy still wasn't out of bed. It was harder and harder to get up - no sunlight or lights to tell her what was day and what was night, and depression setting in deeper and deeper caused her to stay in bed most of the day sometimes. This morning, though, Mandy had other plans. She shook Cathy and rubbed her stumps all over her lover, and Cathy finally rose, stretching and mumbling. Mandy used her stumps and teeth to drop a set of stump boots on Cathy's lap, and Cathy was able to put the boots on easily by feel - something she had done many times since becoming blind, as Mandy forced her to learn as soon as she returned form the hospital. Then there was something else - something new that Cathy didn't recognize by touch. Mandy guided her verbally, and she put it on Mandy, clipping it and tightening it across her chest and shoulders. Cathy had no idea what it could be, but she realized she hadn't really had this much physical contact with Mandy since her accident, and she was feeling aroused again. She missed how sexy her lover looked walking around in her arm and leg stump boots, and she felt another sudden pang of sadness remembering that never again would she see her lover in any way - her world was now limited to sound and touch - sight had been taken away permanently.

Cathy reached to the dresser where her folding cane was, but her hand met nothing but air. She felt around the whole dresser top, but no cane!

"Your cane isn't there, honey." Cathy heard from beside her.

"So what, is this your way of keeping me in bed? I won't be going far without it, I'm blind, remember?"

"Yes, I remember - but you wont' need your cane today. I have a surprise for you." Said Mandy playfully.

"And what would that be?" asked Cathy, irritated but very curious. She heard Mandy scoot off the bed, her soft stump boots making little muffled noises as she got on all fours - a comforting, familiar sound.

"Stand up." Mandy told Cathy. Cathy did, feeling around to get her bearings and her balance. Without the cane, she felt like there was a sensory input missing.

"OK, now what?" Cathy asked nervously.

"Now, reach straight down with your right hand. Lower, lower." Cathy's hand made contact with Mandy's naked bottom. She heard Mandy let out a soft moan, practically a purr. "OK, now feel up my back a few inches. It should be right near your hand."

"What should?" Cathy said, then felt it. It was part of whatever she dressed Mandy in. It was hard and felt like it was wrapped in leather. She picked it up and realized it was attached to Mandy.

"OK, hold tight and get ready." Mandy said, and Cathy was pulled gently by the handle. She took a few tentative steps and realized what was happening at once.

"Are you... Are you acting as my guide dog?!?" Cathy asked as she was pulled along gently by the harness attached to her lover.

"Dog doesn't sound quite right - how about puppy?" Mandy asked playfully.

"My guide puppy, then.... you, you're OK with this?" Cathy asked, still following alongside her new 'guide puppy'.

"Actually lover..." Mandy said, sounding a little breathless "I'm incredibly turned on by it. I've been fantasizing about this moment since I ordered the custom harness from a leather worker online. Are YOU Ok with it?"

Cathy thought about it, thought about the feelings of helplessness Mandy must have felt since she lost her limbs and how this act must be like a fulfillment of sorts. Then she thought about herself, how being led around blind - she WAS blind now, that was permanent - was something she'd have to accept, and this way, it was not only comfortable, she realized it was also VERY sexy...

"Yes, I'm really OK with it. Being blind is going to be tough, but with your help, I think we can make this work. And I have to say, imagining what you look like down there, my little blindpuppy - it's making me really hot..."

Mandy didn't say a word, she just led Cathy to the couch, where Cathy sat and spread her legs. She felt Mandy's stump boots on her thighs and practically screamed when she felt Mandy's hot, talented tongue going down on her. Since her accident, it was the most amazing thing she had felt yet....

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