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Story - Try it, you might like it

Try it, you might like it By ParaGirl

As the limo pulled up to the curb, Robert could feel the excitement at an almost unbearable level. The car stopped and an attractive woman in a concierge uniform approached the car and opened Robert's door. She held the car door open and Robert stepped out into the noonday sun. He stared up at the huge gray building before him and blinked.
Robert was led up to the building the Limo parked in front of. The doors were very large, probably ten feet tall, and mirrored. As he approached them, they opened silently before him, ushering him into a huge foyer, with marble floors, gold accents, and a fountain in the middle of the room. A manager approached him from a counter across the

"Mister Reynolds, right on time, and welcome to MedFan. First, just as a formality-" and he looked at his briefcase.

"Of course, the reser- um, invitation." he said after a moment, then pulled the envelope out of his briefcase. He handed the paperwork to the man, who glanced over it and then returned his attentions to Robert.

"Yes, Mister Reynolds, welcome to MedFan. I assume I don't have to say that everything you see and experience here will never leave these premises- confidentiality is one of our foremost rules."

"Of course, of course- now, where do I start?" The eagerness in his voice must have come through like a thunderclap, because the manager smiled widely at him.
"Right this way, Mr. Reynolds- let us get you checked in." the manager said with a flourish, then led Robert past the desk and into the most amazing week of his life.
Robert was always different, ever since he was young. He wasn't gay, he liked women very much and had many wonderful relationships with them, but he knew he was different nonetheless. For one, Robert liked to wear women's clothing- he was a crossdresser, but it was more than that- he wanted to be a woman. He knew how clich it sounded, but he had always felt he was the proverbial man trapped in a woman's body, but it really wasn't even that easy- he was a disabled woman trapped in a man's body to boot! It had caused him a lot of problems in his life, a lot of confusion, and by the time he had really figured out what he wanted, it was too late. He wasn't too old, or too poor- he was very wealthy in fact- and that was the problem.

Robert Reynolds was the founder and CEO of RenCorp, a global conglomerate of some 35 companies in 15 different industries. Engineering, software, construction, he dabbled in almost everything, and at 36 years old he was very, very wealthy. He couldn't exactly change his sex and expect to keep his company and his wealth, so he had resigned to keep his desires to himself, cross dress occasionally, and be happy with that. He had almost succeeded at it, too- until he found Dr. William Carson.
"Welcome Mister Reynolds, I am Doctor Carson." The elderly gentleman said as Robert sat in the heavy leather chair. "It takes a special kind of person to make it this far, sir, and you are very special indeed."

"So that's the PC term for `freak' these days?" Robert snipped- he suddenly felt uncomfortable, the realization of his purpose here hitting him completely.

"We don't judge Mr. Reynolds, we simply perform a unique service to a unique clientele. To judge, we would have to bring our own motives to light, as well as yours."
"Yes, I'm sorry Doctor." Robert said, still not totally comfortable, but wanting to hear what the doctor had to say.

"As you know Robert, " The doctor continued "Medical Fantasies Limited, or MedFan, is a combination of deluxe resort and, well, nothing you've ever seen. Our process is completely safe and 100% guaranteed, though not exactly approved by the FDA. It uses several new technologies which we have developed to help a person, such as yourself, live out fantasies of a medical nature, among other things. During your stay, you will have unlimited access to the resort and the technology to alter your experience at will. If you, at any time, have any problems at all, there are attendants at your disposal 24 hours a day. Our highest concern is for our guests. No, shall we get you started?"

"Please Doctor, lead the way." Robert replied- he was once again feeling the excitement he had felt earlier. He was really here, and it looked like it was exactly what had been promised on the phone the month before.
Robert had been researching one of his recent acquirements, a BioEngineering company in New York, when he had come across the first mention of Dr. Carson. He was a researcher who had been fired from the firm for some rather vague reasons, but as Robert looked into it further, the more interested he became. Dr. Carson had been working on advanced medical technologies, and although Robert didn't understand the
specifics, his interest was piqued. He checked through some of his more discreet channels until he came up with a phone number for a company, apparently founded by Dr. Carson under a pseudonym, called MedFan- Medical Fantasies, Ltd. He called the number, curious, and before he knew it he had booked a vacation there, in the middle of New York, and he was very excited to get there.
"Now Robert, this is Linda, she will get you checked in and set up for your fantasy. Remember, we have all the information you gave us when you booked your vacation, but the more detail you give Linda, the better time you will have. Don't feel nervous or apprehensive, Linda does this every day, with many different types of guests. She will take care of you."

"Alright Doctor, and thank you." Robert said, then turned to Linda. Linda was a very attractive young woman, late twenties, with red hair that rolled down her back like a waterfall in autumn. She was dressed in an expensive looking dress, and she had stockings on, specially cut to cover the smooth, rounded stumps that were her legs. She sat in a fancy wheelchair, and she was immediately the most attractive woman Robert had ever seen.

"Hello Robert, please, have a seat." She said in a lilting, feminine voice, indicating a leather chair next to her wheelchair. "I see you staring at my legs, or more properly my stumps. They are available if you'd like to try them."

"You mean-" Robert stammered, catching himself halfway into the chair and standing up again, looking at Linda.

"Yes, actually much of me today is MedFan generated- the stumps, the hair, even my breasts"
Robert was so enraptured by Linda's stumps that he didn't even notice her large, firm breasts. He took in the whole image again before slowly sitting down. "Show me what you can do" was all he said.
Linda turned to the computer before her and pulled up the file on Robert, including his desires for this vacation.

"So, you would like to be a woman, as well as disabled? That's pretty easy- now lets get into specifics" she said in a matter-of-fact tone that immediately put Robert at ease. She obviously had done this many times before, and as an executive he came to respect her professionalism. Over the next half-hour, he told Linda some of his most repressed fantasies, and she entered data into the terminal before her. She then gave him an overview of the system, and while not explaining what would happen to him exactly, she explained how to change settings from his room, among other things. When it was over, Robert got up and Linda wheeled before him, leading him to a table, connected by a single thick cable to a wall of equipment. He laid down and, at Linda's request, closed his eyes.

He heard a hum, and immediately felt as if he was falling. He took a sharp breath in, and then.
Robert opened his eyes and felt different, though he couldn't put a finger on it. He realized he was in his room- he wondered how he had gotten there- laying in a king-sized bed with wonderful sheets, very soft and warm on his back and- he realized that all feeling ended at his bottom. He began to sit up and felt very dizzy, then realized another very new sensation- he had breasts. He threw the sheets back and saw the body- firm, fair-skinned, with large firm breasts and thin, obviously crippled legs. In fact, one of his legs looked about four inches shorter than the other- an added detail he hadn't thought of, but he liked it. He- or rather She now- lifted herself up to a sitting position. She looked at herself again- she was indeed a woman, with a great body from the looks of it, and her legs were certainly crippled, she couldn't feel or move them at all. She looked around the room- it was very big- and saw a wheelchair, a pair of forearm crutches, and a set of metal legbraces- exactly as she had requested. She couldn't believe it! She was a disabled woman! She quickly lifted her limp legs and dropped them over the edge of the bed. She transferred into the wheelchair rather clumsily and placed her now crippled legs into the legrests. She first wheeled into the immense bathroom- it was completely configured for wheelchair living, and looked in the mirror. She had long, black hair and a delicate face, with beautiful rose lips and high cheeks.

"My god, I'm beautiful" she said, gasping as she heard the melodic, feminine voice which came out of her mouth. "I can't believe this!"

She wheeled back into the bedroom and first found a pair of silk stockings- she had always loved silk, and she now wanted to wear it even if she couldn't feel it against her legs. She got some sexy panties and a skirt and blouse, all adapted for a wheelchair user. She wheeled back to the bed and transferred back into it, doing much better this time, then lifted one crippled leg and began to put the stocking onto it. It was more difficult than she thought it would be, her leg of course didn't co-operate at all, but after a few minutes she was able to work the smooth silk up her thin leg to the thigh. She dropped the leg limply and dressed her other leg as well, then worked on sliding the panties on. As soon as the silk reached between her legs- she obviously had all feeling there- she was very excited and felt a shock go through her. She then sat up and put the bra and blouse on- the silky bra felt like fire as it brushed against her nipples. She laid back on the bed and slid her hand under her panties, beginning to massage her vagina, rubbing it slowly at first, then more forcefully. She came very quickly with an orgasm she had never felt in her entire life, and her entire upper body trembled with it, though her paralyzed legs didn't so much as quiver.

As soon as she was done and had caught her breath, she put her blouse on. She was about to put her blouse on, but had a better idea instead. She reached over the edge of the bed and pulled the metal legbraces up. She made sure all the buckles and clasps were undone, then lifted her crippled left leg up and placed it into the brace. She first put her limp foot into the heavy black leather orthopedic shoe, lacing and tying it tightly around her crippled foot and ankle. She then clasped the rest of her limp leg into the contraption, encasing the paralyzed muscles in steadying steel and leather. She locked the knee joint, then lifted the other brace and laid it on the bed. As she expected, this brace had a lift on the shoe, about four inches, and she slid her crippled foot into it and laced it tightly. She got the brace on completely and locked the knee joint on it, as well. She then struggled to get the skirt on, slipping it under herself and fastening the Velcro and button which held it on. She then lifted each braced leg in turn and placed them over the side of the bed, heels of the orthopedic shoes on the carpeted floor. She reached over to grab the forearm crutches and almost lost her balance, but caught it and grabbed the crutches. She put her arms through the cuffs of the crutches and took hold of them, pushing herself off the bed and getting to her feet fairly easily. She took a few tentative swing-through steps and found that she could function quite well on the braces and crutches. She crutched to the door of her room and threw it open, ready to take whatever this place had to offer her. As she opened the door and looked out, of everything she expected, this was certainly well beyond her wildest dreams.

The sun was bright and warm on her face- she realized there were no windows in her room- and before her was a huge open-air courtyard, complete with an Olympic-sized pool, cabanas, at least two bars, and probably two dozen or more people, most with various disabilities, some with no obvious infirmity. As she crutched out into the daylight, a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair wheeled up to her. The young woman's legs appeared to be amputated about five inches below her knees, and she was dressed in a very attractive black bikini that showed her smooth and sensual stumps.

"Hi there, I'm Cathy" the girl said warmly.
"I'm Roberta." Robert replied quickly- she hadn't even thought of a name.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Cathy asked, looking at the pool.
"An amazing day indeed, Cathy" Roberta replied.
"Would you like me to show you around?" Cathy asked her.
"Sure, if you wouldn't mind. It's my first day here." Roberta replied, hoping not to sound too eager.
"No, it's fine, I was going for a stroll- or a roll- anyway. Follow along.
"OK. If it's OK to ask, Cathy, what's wrong with your legs?"
"It's OK- aside from being amputated, they're also paralyzed from the hips down. It's pretty great actually- what about you?"

"Oh, I'm paralyzed too." Roberta said, stroking a finger against the cool steel of her legbrace.
"I see- I like the short leg, it looks very crippled" Cathy replied. It suddenly occurred to Roberta that everyone here was here for the same or a similar reason as she was. Cathy obviously wanted to be disabled, with paralyzed and amputated legs, just as Roberta had always wanted to be disabled.

"Thank you, I'm still getting used to it." Roberta replied.
"Oh, don't get too used to it, have fun and try different things, it's great. I've tried so many things since I've been here, I lose count!" Cathy said animatedly.

The pair stopped in the entryway of a large room, like a ballroom, with high ceilings and polished floors, with crystal chandeliers and exquisite woodworking.

"This is the grand room," Cathy explained. "If you want to meet people, there is an event here every night after dinner. A lot of the people around here go when they're looking for a companion for the evening. You should check it out tonight." Cathy said.
Roberta thought she might try it out indeed.

Cathy, in her cute little wheelchair with her cute little stumps, showed Roberta the whole resort. There were saunas, the pool, even a rehabilitation center, but Cathy said the only people who used it were the people who wanted to- no one needed any rehab here, when they had a disability they were already adapted to handle it- another miracle of MedFan. After the tour, Roberta crutched back over to the pool and sat in one of the lounges at the poolside. She decided it might be fun to people watch, and she was right. Almost immediately, Linda appeared in her wheelchair wearing a skimpy white bikini, her leg stumps bare. She parked her wheelchair by the pool and made a hand motion similar to hailing a cab. Instantly an attendant, a man in his late 20s, came to Linda's side and lifted her gently from her wheelchair and placed her into the pool. She sat in a shallow cove in the pool and rubbed her stumps, and leaned back, abbreviated body floating and catching some sun.

Roberta decided that some sun on her legs might feel good, and she began taking the braces off her legs, undoing the straps and shoes and placing the braces on the ground in easy reach. As she got the second brace off, she noticed a man and woman enter the courtyard. The man was in smart shorts and a polo shirt, the woman in a sleeveless sundress that showed the full arm prosthetics that served as both of her arms. The man, who had no obvious disability, held a silver hook as if he was holding her hand as they strolled- and Roberta supposed that was exactly what was going on. The woman was very pretty, with shoulder-length blonde hair, but the arm prosthetics, with their smooth plastic and metal hooks, made her absolutely gorgeous. The couple stopped at on of the bars and the woman ordered to drinks. Roberta looked in amazement as she maneuvered one of her hooks to pick up the wineglass by the stem and toast with her lover. Roberta was beginning to see what Cathy meant by trying different things while she was here. She wanted to go over to the couple and say hello- especially to the woman, but she had taken her legbraces off and was essentially helpless without them. She had a sudden thought and made the cab hail motion with her hand. Instantly, an attendant come out and asked what she would like. She asked if it was possible to get a wheelchair, temporarily, to go and
talk to the people at the bar. The attendant nodded and before Roberta could say another word, he had a standard wheelchair parked by her chair. She asked if he would help her into it, and he said of course, lifting her gently and placing her in the wheelchair, adjusting her crippled legs so that her short leg was over her longer one, enhancing it's crippled appearance- it worked very well, and Roberta liked the effect. Getting into the role, Roberta asked if the attendant wouldn't mind pushing her in the chair, and he obliged happily, wheeling her over to the armless girl and her lover as she sat cripple din the chair. Once she was by the bar she dismissed the attendant and introduced herself to the couple.

"Hello, I'm Roberta, " she said in her melodic voice. " I'm new here, and I just wanted to introduce myself."
The armless girl held out a prosthetic hook, which Roberta shook warmly.
"Hi Roberta, I'm Anna and this is Carl- forgive him if he doesn't say hello- he's deaf and mute. He can read lips, though. We just got here today, too!" As Anna made introductions, Roberta mouthed `Hello' to Carl, and he nodded and smiled at her.
"It's very nice to meet you both" Roberta said. "I was just watching you from across the pool and was amazed by your hooks- they look very sexy on you."
"Thank you Roberta- your legs look very crippled, too." Anna said, looking down at Roberta's thin legs. The comment again struck Roberta with the realization that he- no, She- was a beautiful, crippled woman. The thought once again excited her greatly.
"I saw you over by the pool, Roberta" Anna said, snapping Roberta out of her daydream. "Are those your legbraces?" she asked.

"Yes, I was sunning my legs when I noticed you, so I borrowed this wheelchair to come over and say hello- it's difficult for me to get around without my braces on."
"I'd like to see them on you- I've always been fascinated by braces. I think I'll try them while I'm here- these " she lifted her hook prosthetics "were Carls' Idea, but I really like them now. I just love this place!"

"So do I, Anna, so do I." Roberta said, beginning to wheel herself back over to her braces.
"Oh, let me" Anna insisted, grasping the wheelchair's handles with her chrome hooks and pushing Roberta back over to her lounge chair. Once there, Roberta lifted her crippled legs out of the legrests and transferred smoothly back into the lounge chair, reaching for her braces. She again lifted a crippled leg, this time the sorter one, and put the heavy legbrace back on, lacking and buckling it tightly. Anna sat in the wheelchair and watched closely, her hooks sitting in her lap, her prosthetic arms glaring slightly in the sun.

"Could I do the other one?" Anna asked as Roberta got the last buckles fastened.
"I guess so- but I'll probably have to help" Roberta replied, motioning to the hooks that rested in Anna's' lap.

"OK, but don't help unless I ask for it." she said. Anna grasped the second legbrace with both hooks and lifted it onto Roberta's chair, placing it unevenly beside Roberta's short, crippled leg. Roberta watched Anna gently lift her limp leg with one hook while positioning the brace with the other. It took her three tries, but she got it right. She unlaced the orthopedic shoe completely and pulled the tongue out of it, then lifted Roberta's limp foot with both hooks, slipping the crippled toes into the shoe, then the rest of the foot. She replaced the tongue and then took the tip of a shoelace in one hook. She threaded the shoelace easily with the prosthetic, and within a few minutes the shoe was at least laced up. Manipulating both hooks, Anna was able to attach each strap on Robertas' legbrace, but in the end she needed help to tighten and properly fasten them.

"Thank you Anna, that was really nice." Roberta said, trying not to blurt out how erotic the entire process had been in front of Carl, even if he was deaf.

"No, thank you- I'm definitely getting crippled legs tomorrow, maybe even tonight! Tell me- can you feel anything in your legs?"

"No, I can't feel anything from about my bottom Down, total paralysis."
"I see" Anna replied, thoughtfully. "I think I'll have feeling in my legs- I'd love to feel someone put those braces on and take them off for me."

"That sounds like a good idea." Roberta said. "I'll have to try it out." With that she grabbed her crutches and pushed herself up to a standing position.
"If you don't mind," Anna said, "I think I'll keep this wheelchair for now- I like it."
"Sure, no problem Anna. I hope to see you around."
"I'm sure you will." Anna replied. "Are you going to the ball this evening?"
"I'm not sure, I hadn't thought about it really."
"I was kind of hoping she would be my guest." a voice came from behind Roberta. As she turned on her crutches she saw Linda, flaming red hair and sensual stumps, wheeling towards her, fresh out of the pool. Roberta could see that her bathing suit had gone semi-transparent, and the dark area around her nipples showed though.
"Hello Linda" Roberta and Anna said in unison. Roberta laughed and smiled warmly.
"Hello to both of you. Well Roberta, would you like to accompany me tonight?"
"Yes, I'd love to!" Roberta stammered in reply.
"Great, then meet me there at seven- and wear the blue dress in your closet." Linda said, then smiled at Carl and Anna, turned in her wheelchair, and began wheeling away.
"I'll see you tonight" Roberta called after her, and saw Linda wave a hand in reply.
"Well then," Anna chimed in, "I guess I'll see you tonight." She looked up at Carl and mouthed something to him, and he began pushing her in the wheelchair, Roberta assumed back to their room.
Roberta crutched back to her room and lay on the bed. She took her legbraces off, then slid her stockings off, then her panties, blouse, skirt and bra, until she lie on the bed as she had been when she awoke- naked and crippled. She then pulled a console from the nightstand and began to go through menus, as Linda had showed her earlier at her orientation. When the selections had been made, she initiated the process- again she felt a sense of freefall, and then nothing, then...
Roberta woke up, or rather came to, in the same room, in the same position as she had been. A quick look at the clock indicated only a minute had gone by. At first she didn't think it had worked, but she realized she could feel her legs. She tried to move them- nothing, she couldn't budge them, but she could feel them fine. She sat up, dragging her legs, and saw that they were the same size, both about 6 inches shorter than normal and very thin. She rubbed them all over, and she could feel every touch, but she still couldn't move either leg- perfect. She transferred into her wheelchair- she noticed there were no longer legbraces in the room- and rolloed to the closet. Sure enough, there was a blue sequined dress that was simply exquisite. She removed it from the closet and laid it on the bed, then gathered matching stockings and a satin bra and panties set that was very sexy. She transferred back onto the bed and slid the stockings on over her legs- they felt wonderful, so sensual! She rubbed her legs for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling, then finished getting dressed. By the time she was finished getting ready, it was quarter to seven and she made her leisurely way to the ballroom.

Roberta was amazed by the people at the ball. It was about two, maybe three women to every man there, and everyone had some sort of disability. Many were in wheelchairs, but there were a number on crutches, some amputees and some on braces. Roberta saw a woman with a white cane- obviously blind- and a man with empty sleeves in his fancy jacket, smoking a cigarette with his toes.

When Linda walked in, Roberta almost didn't recognize her- it was the hair that gave it away. She walked in, somewhat stiffly, in a knockout sleeveless red dress that showed off the prosthetics at her arms, ending in cool silver hooks. She noticed Roberta in her wheelchair and walked over to where she was sitting.

"Hi there date." she said coyly to Roberta. She sat slowly in the chair that was next to Roberta's wheelchair, easing herself into the seat.

"Well you look different Linda" Roberta said. "What happened to those sexy stumps?"
"They're still there" Linda replied, lifting the hem of her dress to show off her prosthetic legs.
"I see" Roberta said, and suddenly felt the urge to hold Linda's' prosthetic hook. She reached out and did it, and Linda smiled and caressed Robertas' cheek with her other hook- it sent an electric charge through Roberta's whole body!

"Come on Roberta, I'd like you to meet some others here, you'll like them" Linda said, standing on her artificial legs and motioning with her artificial arms- it was all very erotic to Roberta.
Roberta wheeled behind Linda as she made her way through the room, saying hi to this person or that. She finally stopped at a table with three women and a man sitting at it. Two of the women were in wheelchairs, one of them a power wheelchair, and Roberta could see an attractive AK stump poking out of the other woman's short hemline and a pair of mahogany crutches on the floor. Roberta was unsure what the man's infirmity was until she noticed him pick up his glass with a silver prosthetic hook.

"Everyone, this is Roberta, she just got here today." Linda said. "Roberta, this is Samantha- " she indicated the attractive blonde in the power wheelchair. Roberta now noticed her arms were smooth stumps that ended between shoulder and elbow. She was fairly sure there were similar amputations on her legs- " and this is Cindy- " here Linda indicated the brunette with the AK stump- `This is Chris- "Linda pointed her hook at the man, who waved with his good hand- he only had one stump apparently- "And this is Ariel, " Linda motioned toward the last woman, a very attractive blonde in a manual wheelchair. The table blocked Roberta's view of Ariel's legs, but as if on cue, Ariel wheeled over to Roberta- her legs looked normal, if not extra-sexy in silk stockings, but Roberta was sure they were paralyzed, if not worse. Ariel said hello in a choppy dialect which made it sound like she was deaf, as well as crippled, and as she turned her head to Linda Roberta saw a hearing aid in her exposed ear. Roberta looked directly at Ariel and said loudly and slowly "It's nice to meet you, you look very nice in your wheelchair."
"Thank you" Ariel spoke in her deaf tone, also signing the thanks with her hands.

"So, Linda " Roberta asked "is there any disability that can't be done here?"
The table suddenly rolled with laughter. Samantha raised her arm stumps, which Roberta saw were covered in nylon- a special bodysuit perhaps? "Theres' nothing that can't be done here, Roberta- any disability, any combination of them, is possible- although some are a lot more fun than others." She ran her stump against Cindy's cheek, and Cindy slid her hand beneath the table, probably massaging Samantha's leg stumps.

It's true Roberta" Linda added in. "Anything you desire is possible, as you've already partially discovered-" She ran a cool hook across Roberta's thigh and Roberta was suddenly very glad her legs could still feel everything. "But there are so many more possibilities." she whispered into Robertas' ear. Roberta was suddenly very aroused, and was already thinking about what she could do to Linda's stumps.

As the night progressed, each of Linda's friends told about some of their best times and favorite disabilities. Samantha was a wheelchair lover- she told Roberta about the combination of paralyzed legs and amputation, as well as how interesting HKAFO braces were as foreplay. Cindy liked amputations, but not prosthetics. One of her favorites was amputating both arms about 2 inches below the shoulder, so there were just little nubs, and doing everything with your feet. Chris said he was more of a devotee, and he just loved watching the disabled ladies in their various states of disability. Ariel, in her deaf speak, said she also enjoyed wheelchairs, but her favorite time had been a quadruple amputee, as well as deaf and blind, but she said you had to have the right partner to really enjoy it fully. Finally Linda added in "I'm a Double Leg amputee, that `s what I like, and that's what I stay as. I like to add things to it, like tonight," She raised her prosthetic hooks, "But I love the feeling of smooth stumps where my legs should be."
At that everyone at the table, including Roberta, nodded in agreement that being disabled was simply the way they wanted to be.

After a little while, Roberta saw Anna and Carl across the room and excused herself from her newfound group, and Linda followed as she wheeled over to the couple. Anna still had arm prosthetics, but her legs were now thin and encased in heavy braces. The braces were apparently very severe, because Roberta could tell from the way Anna wore
her gown that the bracing went all the way up to her chest.

"Hi Roberta- very sexy" Anna said as Roberta wheeled up. "What do you think?" she asked, referring to her new condition. "I'm paralyzed from the chest down as well as the
arm amputations."

"Do you still have feeling?" Linda asked
"Oh yes, and what a feeling it is" Anna replied, running the smooth back of her hook along one braced thigh. "And let me tell you- getting these braces on and off could not be any more fun- especially with Carl doing it! That's why we're late." she grinned.
"Sounds like fun" Roberta said, and Linda whispered in her ear "you have no idea, but you will..."

They chatted for a few more minutes and excused themselves. Roberta began to wheel herself back to their table, but Linda grabbed the chair's handles with her hooks and began pushing her out of the ball room.
"Where are we going?" Roberta asked, knowing exactly what the answer was already.
"Your place sweety." Linda replied, and that was exactly where they ended up.
"Get in bed." Linda told Roberta, and it wasn't a request. Roberta wheeled over to the bed and locked her wheelchair, then unzipped her dress, letting it slip off as she transferred her crippled legs into the bed. Linda walked over and Roberta unzipped her dress for her, letting it slip down to the floor. Now that she was undressed, Roberta could see Linda's prosthetic legs, her smooth vagina, and the harness of straps that held her prosthetic arms on. Roberta reached up and undid one buckle, then another and another until both the arms, and Linda's bra came off and fell to the floor, leaving exposed both her ample breasts and smooth arm stumps, which cam down to just about where her elbows would have been. Linda began to stroke Roberta's cheeks with her smooth stumps, and Roberta worked at the straps on her leg prosthetics. Finally getting them undone, Roberta pulled Linda down onto the bed, her legs falling off onto the floor, revealing her hot stumps. The two women kissed deeply, rubbing exposed breasts together as they embraced, and Roberta could feel Linda's arm stumps stroking against her skin. She felt Linda's soft stumps squirm up on her paralyzed legs, the stumps feeling wonderful against the silk and paralyzed muscle of her legs. Linda began to kiss Roberta's neck, then her shoulders, then her breasts, all the while massaging Roberta all over with her beautiful stumps. When Linda's arm stumps made it between Roberta's legs, she had already cum once and was
building up to a second rush. Linda got turned around, so her pussy and stumps were right at Roberta's face, and as Roberta was going to start pleasuring Linda, she felt her arm stump this time only one, grinding erotically against her vagina with an incredible rythm. It was more than she could bare, and she came stronger and louder than she had ever come before, gripping the sexy leg stumps before her and just coming, letting it take her over, not knowing what was going on around her.

Roberta woke up to Linda massaging her breasts with both hands- Linda once again had hands, so some time between the worlds strongest orgasm and now, Linda had changed herself again.
"Hello lover, how was your nap?" Linda asked.

"It was fine- you've changed again" Roberta replied.
"And so have you love- I hope you like it- I promise to take good care of you."
Roberta realized then that she had changed, and changed a lot. She had no arms, just small two inch shoulder nubs, and no legs, just smooth round stumps that resembled Lindas'. As she tried to sit u a little to get a better look, she realized something more, and it suddently frightened her.
"Yes Roberta, you are paralyzed from the neck down as well, but you can still feel everything, and that's what's important- I promised I'd take care of you."

Linda kept rubbing Roberta's breasts, and it did feel good, it felt very good. She was totally helpless, she knew, but the way Linda was touching her, it was incredible. Linda stopped massaging her and lifted her up- she was really not much more than a torso- and sat her upright, propped up with pilows. She then moved closer and began to rub her stumps against Roberta's leg stumps, then began to massage her arm nubs too- it was amazing! The caresses continued, and Linda began to kiss her, lick her ears, nibble her neck, and she could do nothing, and it was amazing! Evey touch felt like electricity that shot straight to her crotch!
"Oh god it feels so good Linda- I want to make you feel good too, but I'm helples like this!"
"That's OK, you'll return the favor soon- besides, this is as much fun for me as it is for you, believe me."

With that, Roberta felt Linda insert a finger between her legs, moving it in and out in a rythm all it's own. Roberta craned her neck and began kissing Linda as she was finger-fucked, and although her body was useless, the pleasures it experienced were beyond any Roberta had ever imagined. She came agian, even stronger than before, and was barely aware of falling back onto the bed, spent completely.


  1. This was always my favorite of the stories on your old site. Looking forward to reading your new stuff.

    How about continuing the 'In The Family' series?

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  5. amputeeloveisgoodMay 4, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    I really wish it was real.I would definitely try these;

    Quad amputee with no stumps at all, and heavy urinary and fecal incontinence

    Paralysed from neck down, no feeling and moving at all.

    and except for that I would try lots of things too, most likely blindness, paralyses and amputation in different situations.

    >.< I felt really really bad now, I wish it was real >.<