Monday, April 27, 2009

Story - My Accident

My Accident

I awoke to what looked like early morning sun. I wasn't in my own bed - that much was certain. I tried to remember what had happened, where I was. There was a car ride, night time, what the hell had happened? It was all a blur.

the nurse walked in. she was beautiful, total knockout, but she had a look of concern on her face. she sat right next to me and I thought she went to hold my hand, to give me some bad news, but...

"Cathy, do you know where you are? You're in the hospirtal dear. You had an accident."

"How bad?"

"It's bad, dear."

I started taking mental inventory and realized I couldn't feel my legs. I looked at her, frightened. "My legs?"

"Paralyzed Cathy, I'm sorry. From just below your breasts down."

I took a deep breath. Life in a wheelchair - not the end of the world, but I could tell there was more. I realized something else felt.. different.

the nurse listed the blanket and I saw them. My right arm was just a swatch of bandage, it ended inches below my shoulder. My left arm was there, but missing just above my wrist. No arms, no hands, dead legs, paralyzed sex. I was crippled, maimed. I was excited.

The first time my nurse changed my diaper, I moaned as I watched it happen. The first time she fed me, I had a mental orgasm. I was helpless, dead from my tits down, armstumps flopping. and she was into it too. My nurse. She massaged my crippled legs, put my stump socks onto my arms, spent a little extra time 'cleaning' me as she changed my diapers. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was excited anyway.

She brought me my wheelchair. It was mouth-controlled. I asked her why, as I could use most of my left arm, but she just smiled, said it would be easier. I didn't complain. she lifted my crippled body, belted me into my wheelchair, and then almost as an afterthought, kissed my short right armstump. I moaned aloud. That was the reaction she had been hoping for.

I wasn't even sure what was happening, but suddenly my nurse was licking and kissing my stumps, playing with my numb, crippled legs. I tried to touch her with my right arm out of habit and of course nothing happened, just that little stumpy wiggling and reaching. My left stump worked better and I becan to stroke her gently, hearing her moan with pleasure as I stroked her firm breasts through her blouse.

She locked the door and moved me in my wheelchair so I could see her and she stripped naked, a slow sensual tease that made my newly crippled body yearn in ways I had never imagined. She stood before me naked and then reached down and lifted my legs. I saw them lifted, saw her hands on them, but felt nothing. Like they were someone else's legs. I saw how they flopped, how they drooped, how my feet were curled and crippled. I sat there in my wheelchair and watched her caress and kiss my feet, my legs. Again, I felt a heat within me that was burning as I watched her. she was so turned on, playing with my poor crippled feet, and all I could do was sit there, stroking my breasts with my left stump, my right stump simply wiggling useless.

She kissed me all over, told me what a sexy cripple I was, sucking my numb toes as I sat there in my diaper. She came back up, kissing me passionately as she played with my stumps, then laid back on the bed and took my crippled feet, began to rub herself with them. I watched from my wheelchair, unable to do much else, while she rubbed herself into a frenzy and quickly came, yelling loudly in the small white room.

After my nurse dressed me, she took me out to the cafeteria where she fed me a wonderful lunch, including a glass of wine. After lunch she transferred me to the couch and watched a movie with me, playing with my crippled feet the whole time. She put an assistive device on my left stump so I could type a little on the computer, and then we made love againm my beautiful nurse paying special attention to my crippled feet and legs and my pretty new stumps.

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