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Story - Unhealthy Desires

Unhealthy Desires By Paragirl

Karen was sitting alone at a dimly lit table when she saw the drop-dead gorgeous redhead roll in, sitting in a sporty black and chrome wheelchair.

It wasn't the wheelchair that made Karen's heart skip a beat. It wasn't the firm breasts or the perfect hair. It was her legs. The redheads legs were small, thin, like the legs of a....

Karen knew they were wrong, these feelings she had inside. They were unhealthy, her therapist told her that. She had been so good about keeping them out, these thoughts and feelings... but this was different, wasn't it? Wasn't it???

Lisa saw the blonde staring at her a couple times. The focus on her legs was unmistakable. She knew they drew attention - they always had. She had been paralyzed when she was only nine, and her legs really never finished growing, so that even at 25 her legs were small, thin, and totally useless, looking more like the legs of a ten or twelve year old girl.

It didn't bother her any more - this was who she was, and she understood that 'different' often discouraged people. It also attracted certain other kinds of people. sometimes that was good, sometimes it was bad. She wondered what side of the coin the blonde would fall on?

Karen saw the redhead wheeling over to her table and cursed under her breath, her pulse quickening. She knew she would be caught, she was never good at 'sneaking glances'. That had been her downfall at the school, too.

She ignored the woman in the wheelchair as much as she could, hoping that her table was not the redhead's destination, but she knew instantly that was not the case. The redhead parked her wheelchair across from Karen, thankfully blocking the view to her legs with the table, and said hello.

"Um, hi there." Karen stammered, the fear and trepidation in her voice immidiately apparent. She winced as she heard it.

"Hi yourself. I'm Lisa. Mind if I sit?" Lisa said softly, parking her wheelchair across from the blonde. She was amused at how nervous the blonde looked. The poor girl was practically shaking. she could barely meet Lisa's eyes.

"I'm Karen. Sure, go ahead. I like your blouse." Karen said lamely, instantly embarrassed. Lisa giggled, a light, melodic giggle, and Karen smiled in spite of herself.

"So, first wheelchair chick?" Lisa said lightly, and Karen nodded uncertainly. Yeah, Lisa's assumption about some kind of wheelchair fetish was dead on. Karen's cheeks flushed, her hands trembled a little. Lisa had seen it before, and it could be fun sometimes. She decided to let this one play out - the blonde was really cute, and there was a decent chance she'd at least get a one night stand out of it. 'Devotee' relationships never lasted, in Lisa's experience - but they could be hot for a short time...

The pair made small talk, and Karen started to calm down, get her breathing and her emotions under control. Then again - she couldn't see Lisa's legs at all. She still had a brief mental image, but it was fleeting and, as the women flirted and giggled, it began to fade... until...

"So, I'll bet there's a question you're dying to ask the wheelchair chick." Lisa said flirtatiously. There always was, after all. always the same question, always asked in the same embarrassed, hesitant way. Karen nodded her head and her cheeks flushed again, her breathing quickened.

Lisa leaned in and, in almost a whisper, said "Ask it then." with a seductive smile.

Karen looked into Lisa's eyes and, in the same low, conspiratorial whisper, before she even realized what she was doing, said "Are you shaved?"

She barely realized she had said it, and red lights and loud alarms went off in her head. This was bad, she knew it was bad. She knew what she was thinking was unhealthy, immoral, but she was getting so turned on, and those legs, oh those prefect little smooth legs... what if she could just feel them, just rub them a little... Lisa was at least twenty, right? So it wasn't wrong, technically, no matter what images were passing through Karen's mind as she did it. No matter what she was thinking about as the rubbed that smooth, bald sex...

Lisa was taken aback, she almost didn't know how to respond. The question was ALWAYS 'Can you have sex' or some variation on that. What did her pubic grooming have to do with anything? It was an interesting and unexpected response, and the look in Karen's eyes said volumes about what the answer really meant. Instead of prolonging the inevitable, Lisa instead decided to move things along, suddenly feeling excited and even curious. There was much more to this then she expected.

"Why don't you come to my place and find out?" She said, caressing Karen's hand, and both women headed for the parking lot and their respective cars. they didn't even exchange numbers or addresses - there was an unspoken understanding that Karen would follow Lisa, and Lisa was certain that, even if she tried, she couldn't lose her tail this night.

Again to Lisa's surprise, though Karen practically drank in her crippled legs as they headed out, she didn't bother watching Lisa transfer into her sports car. Usually, a devotee was fascinated at watching transfers - she had a guy masturbate just watching her transfer on and off the couch, fully clothed (though of course barefoot). Maybe Lisa was wrong about her initial assumption. But if it wasn't a devotee thing, what was it?

Lisa loved her sports car and, naturally well acclimated to her hand controls, typically drove fast and dirty, like a racecar driver. this drive home she was slow and careful, however, always using her blinkers, making sure she wasn't going to lose Karen, following a few car lengths behind her. It took them over forty minutes, but they finally pulled into the driveway. The whole drive, Lisa tried to imagine what was in store, what Karen's deep dark secret was. There was something there, that much was obvious, and Karen reacted like a devotee or wheelchair fetish type, but there were a few inconsistencies that Lisa couldn't put her finger on. the only thing she was certain of was that Karen was horny, and so was she, so this was going to be fun....

Karen was shaking as she followed Lisa's car. Her head had a million things going through it, all bad. Her inner voice - the bad one, not the good one - was practically singing. She was thinking of those legs, Lisa's beautiful legs. She tried to picture Lisa's eyes, her hair, but she couldn't. She just thought about those legs. She wondered what would happen if Lisa's pussy was bald too? What would happen? Her heart hammered in her chest. This was a bad idea, she knew it was a bad idea. Her therapist had told her she was making good progress, she was feeling in control again, most of the time. What would this do to her? But it WAS different - Lisa was older, Lisa had invited HER, that means she was consenting, she was a consenting adult, that's what was important, that's what Karen's therapist said all the time. It was healthy - a relationship with a consenting adult was healthy. But Karen knew that, in this case, that wasn't the whole story...

The women got to the house and, after transferring into her sporty wheelchair, Lisa asked Karen if she wanted to push her. Karen said sure, but not like a devotee - though not like a 'normal' either. She pushed Lisa up the walkway and made quiet small talk, mentioning that the house looked nice, and was very secluded. She couldn't help herself as they got close to the front door, though, and let another inappropriate question slip.

"So do you go to school, or work, or..."

In most ways a totally innocent question, but for Karen, one that she knew she should never have asked. Again the red lights and sirens in her head, visions of Lisa in a plaid jumper and pigtails flooded her mind's eye.

Lisa heard the question and answered plainly enough, that she worked for a consulting firm, mostly market research, etc.., but she hadn't missed the tone of the question and the quickening of Karen's breath, the way her voice sounded as she asked about school. She felt she finally had her answer and it intrigued her. She would do anything she could to find out.

Once they got in the house, Lisa 'accidentally' bumped her left leg off the footbar of her wheelchair and asked Karen if she wanted to put it back up for her. Karen said yes in a deep, breathy voice, and knelt before Lisa's wheelchair, lifting the small, atrophied leg into it's place. Lisa didn't miss the caress that Karen gave it, and became certain she was right. She told Karen to follow her and she wheeled into her lushly appointed bedroom.

"Undress." she said simply, and Karen didn't hesitate. It was almost like she was in a trance. she stripped out of her slacks, then her panties, her tight blouse, her Victoria Secret bra, until she stood there, naked, flushed, just looking at Lisa - or more appropriately, Lisa's legs. Lisa's thin, small, underdeveloped legs. Lisa understood, she told Karen to wait for her. She wheeled from the room.

Karen's common sense had long since left. She was at a strange woman's house, naked, shaking with fear and anticipation, for what? For the legs, and hopefully sex, of a twelve year old girl. For the chance to touch her, to kiss her, to tell her how beautiful she was, how pretty. she shook as she pictured Lisa in a plaid jumper and pigtails, skipping rope, or holding a pink notebook with a unicorn on it. She was embarrassed, she was panicked, but she was helpless. She never understood these desires, but she knew they were wrong, she knew they were unhealthy. She had lost a job for this, hadn't she? No - this was still different. No matter what was going on in her head, Lisa was a consenting adult, she had invited Karen. This wasn't fondling a young breast after school, this was two adults, this was a date, this was a one night stand, this was....

Karen's mind just stopped. In midstream, it all stopped. There were no longer any thoughts, no worries, nothing but desire, lust, animal instinct.

Lisa had wheeled back into the bedroom again, now wearing white knee-high stockings, a very short plaid skirt, and a white jumper unbuttoned to just below her firm breasts, the white cotton bra peeking out seductively. Karen was unable to speak, unable to move, as she stared at Lisa, stared at the skirt, the knee-highs, her little legs. It was Lisa who broke the lust-filled silence.

"I'm glad you came over, Karen. I need help with my homework."

Karen felt her legs give out, she fell to her knees and crawled to Lisa's wheelchair. Lisa lifted her skirt and, indeed, her sex was clean shaven and bald. Karen couldn't stop herself - without even asking, she lifted Lisa's small, smooth, schoolgirl legs and put them over her shoulders, heading right to that sweet, beautiful sex. She licked and sucked and caressed Lisa's pussy and time slowed down, stood still. She could hear Lisa moaning, taking to her, she felt Lisa's fingers running through her hair. She kept going, stroking the sweet little legs, the smooth pussy, feeling juices and saliva and maybe even urine coating her chin and lips and cheeks, and she was in heaven. Karen was making love to her beautiful little schoolgirl, and her schoolgirl was happy and loving the attention, and oh god this was so wrong, but Karen didn't care, couldn't care, and she orgasmed and screamed out and still she kissed and licked Lisa's pussy, the world a haze of schoolgirl legs and smooth pussy and plaid skirt and...

The needle went in smoothly, and within seconds Karen was unconscious on the floor. Lisa placed the syringe on the dresser and made a phone call. It seemed that her chance encounter would prove much more fruitful than she could have ever imagined. She hung up the phone, looked at the clock, and then started playing with her clit and her nipples. Her clit felt nothing, she had never felt any sexual touch there, but the nipple stimulation, added to what Lisa was now imagining about the unconscious form on the floor before her, allowed her to orgasm quickly. She moaned loudly as the erotic sensations saturated her breasts, her belly, her neck. She then changed into an outfit more appropriate for the next events, and waited for the doorbell to ring.

Karen was dizzy, her head hurt, she felt nauseous and moaned. Then she felt a warm tingle that started in her belly, and she was unconscious again.

Karen heard noises, but her brain was so fuzzy. She remembered something, something bad, but what was it? She tried to stir, and again felt the tingle and fell back into dark unconsciousness.

The light was the first thing Karen noticed. It hurt her head, even though her eyes were tightly shut. Then the sound - a radio playing? It sounded like that, some kind of Latin tune maybe? Then the pain - a dull throb that she couldn't quite place. Her mind was still a jumble, it hurt her to think. She tried to remember back, what did she remember. Legs, skirt, the smell of sex...

Her eyes popped open and Karen saw that she was in a large, unfamiliar bed, and than Lisa was sitting in her wheelchair right next to the bed. she was dressed in her schoolgirl outfit again, and her little legs were propped up on the bed, so her small paralyzed feet were close, so close, right there to touch, but...

Karen tried to reach out, but instead of her long slender hand touching schoolgirl Lisa's feet, she saw a small white round form move forward instead. Her shoulders were throbbing - that's where the pain was coming from. She looked and saw that both of her arms ended five or six inches below her shoulders, and both were covered in tight white 'socks' that reached almost to her shoulders. She moved her left arm, and the small round object on her left moved. The same for the right, and the object on the right moved. Her thoughts started becoming more orderly and organized, and she began to feel very afraid.

"It's OK Karen." Lisa said calmly, stroking her cheek affectionately. "It's OK, you're safe, and you're fine."

"My arms...." Karen stammered, feeling the panic welling up inside her. Feeling dizzy as her bloodpressure started to spike.

"shhh, it's OK Karen. Breathe deep." Lisa said quickly, but affectionately. "It's OK, your arms are gone, but it's OK, just breathe."

It wasn't working, Karen was about to shift into full-blown panic mode. This was why Lisa wore the outfit again.

"Karen, I need help with my homework now..." she said innocently yet seductively. "Can you help me? Algebra is really hard...". As she said it, she used her hands to spread her little limp legs apart, making sure Karen should see her white cotton panties with the pink butterflies on them.

Karen's breathing slowed, but deepened, and she stared at Lisa - or more appropriately, Lisa's legs and panties. She began to calm, and to become excited, aroused. Lisa transferred into the bed smoothly, making sure her legs were making plenty of contact with Karen. She caressed Karen's legs, her breasts, she kissed her breasts, ran her fingers through her hair - always careful to stay away from Karen's stumps.

Karen was still very confused, the fear of her situation, her apparent condition still sputtering at the edges of her conscious thought, but Lisa - schoolgirl Lisa - played her part well. She seduced and teased and talked like a tween and finally, Karen gave in fully. Lisa played with her hot pussy and in minutes Karen came strongly, crying and moaning and laying in bed calling for Lisa, not by name, but simply by 'my sweet little schoolgirl'.

Lisa lay with Karen then, her armless lover, and began stroking and caressing her stumps. Karen was silent, her breathing heavy but steady, no hint of panic or pain. Lisa tried to remain calm, but the feeling of those smooth, round stumps under her fingers worked her up faster than she had imagined it would. Of course she had never been with a real amputee before, even though she had fantasies most of her life about them. She kissed and licked those nice round stumps, and Karen began to respond, little moans at first, then more vocal. Lisa took that as a sign to continue.

The orgasm was mode deep and intense than Lisa had ever felt. Her whole upper body, all the parts she could feel, sang out in unison as she coaxed Karen's stumps to rub her breasts and erect nipples. Lisa had always had these feelings, these desires, but this was the first time they were made REAL. She lay, spent, next to the beautiful double amputee beside her, running her fingers through the woman's hair, still playing the fantasy part of a twelve year old schoolgirl. Finalyl she kissed Karen's stump, and her cheek, and whispered in her ear.

"We all have unhealthy desires, don't we darling?"

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