Monday, April 27, 2009

Story - Jacqueline's Closet

Jacqueline's Closet by Paragirl

Jacqueline walked into her large closet, searching through the various racks to find a black skirt and a silk blouse to match, then grabbed a pair of matching charcoal stockings to match. She went to the shoe racks and picked up a pair of slender pumps, but put them back and decided on a pair of soft black slippers. Once she was dressed and her makeup done, She finally went to the very rear of the closet and chose the black power wheelchair that sat there. She reconfigured it slightly, switching the mouth control she had last used to a nice hand control. She sat in the wheelchair, positioning her legs in the legrests and making final adjustments, and then flipping the 'on' switch.

As she wheeled out of the closet, the change was immediate and dramatic, Jacqueline looked at herself approvingly in the mirror. Her hair was long and blonde, her features blond. Her legs were thin and lifeless, and the dark stockings made them look even more so. Her hands were totally useless - she couldn't even uncurl her fingers - and her arms had very limited movement. She tried pushing against the wheelchair control stick and was able to move the chair back and forward, then side to side with little difficulty. She made a final pass before the mirror to make sure she looked perfect, then hit the phone switch with her crippled right hand, using a voice command to call a taxi. She struggled to get her purse into her lap, needing both hands working in tandem to do it, smiling at the effort, and wheeled herself outside as soon as the taxi - actually a specially equipped minivan - arrived and the driver assisted her, using the lift to get her and her wheelchair into the vehicle.

It was a little after 2am when Jacqueline returned home, slightly tipsy and with an attractive young redhead in tow, giggling with anticipation as much as inebriation. Jacqueline showed the way to the bedroom, where she instructed her new friend to undress. While she watched, the young woman slipped her skirt off, slid her panties down, undressed completely while Jacqueline looked from her wheelchair. When the woman was totally naked, Jacqueline looked her over, and kissed her deeply. The other woman returned the kiss, and soon both women were naked in bed, with Jacqueline lying there on her back, legs slightly spread and utterly useless, as the other woman kissed and caressed her body all over. They made love gently, softly, with Jacqueline telling the woman what to do, how to move her, how to make love to her crippled body. After they were done, Jacqueline lay there on her back, unable to even sit up, smelling the sex of another woman whose name she didn't even know, couldn't know.

As morning dawned, Jacqueline woke and realised that her lover had already left, having called a cab before first light. She probably didn't want to deal with the reality of a one-night-stand with a cripple. It happened fairly often, and Jacqueline hadn't put off by it at all - she expected it really, and it made her mornings easier.

She sat up in bed and got up, putting away the wheelchair, plugging it back into it's charger. She tidied up, then showered and walked back into the closet, choosing a light spring outfit of shorts and a pastel T-shirt. She took a pair of cotton panties out of the drawer and put them on, then the shorts and shirt, then one sock, and finally one keds shoe on her left foot. She grabbed the blue forearm crutches from their hanger on the wall, and crutched out of the closet. As she left the closet, her right leg was now a smooth rounded stump that just barely poked out of her shorts. She stood before the mirror, balanced perfectly on her crutches, and looked at her bobbed red hair, her pert breasts, and her muscular left leg, as well as the amputated stump of her right. She grabbed a shoulder bag and crutched out of the house, heading for a local shopping area in her convertible sportscar. She shopped for a few hours, crutching around the small and fancy boutiques and clothiers. She had lunch at a seaside cafe and pretended she didn't notice the people staring at her stump, secretly loving the attention of it. She returned home by mid-afternoon and unloaded the bags she had returned with, enjoying the difficulty of carrying the unweildy item on crutches.

Jacqueline crutched back into her closet and set the crutches back in their spot. She got undressed and chose a proper outfit for a dinner out - a dark blue dress that fell to knee-length. She slipped on a pair of dark stockings, but ignored the shoes rack. She pulled the red quickie lightweight wheelchair from the back of the closet and sat in it. As she wheeled out, the front edge of her dress dropped flat where her thighs were a moment before - she again checked the mirror, and her legs ended only inches below her hips, stumps covered in soft nylon. Her hair was blonde again, short, with a cute flip at the back.

She placed her purse in the wheelchair seat, in front of her stumps, and headed out to dinner. Dinner led to a small jazz club, and to a chance encounter with another woman in a wheelchair - by the look of her legs a long-time paraplegic. Jacqueline approached her and offered to buy her a drink. One drink let to three, and eventually led to Melissa following Jacqueline to the parking lot, and both women heading back to Jaquelines'. Neither woman made any pretenses, and both wheeled directly into Jacqueline's bedroom. Jacqueline helped Melissa into bed and began undressing her, moaning with delight as she removed the womans' [...] to find a discrete adult diaper. As she removed Melissa's stockings, she drank in how crippled and soft and limp they were, kissing and caressing them as Melissa watched and touched her own breasts.

Soon both women were naked and Jacqueline lifted one of Melissa's crippled feet and began caressing her stumps with it, moaning in pleasure. Melissa, in turn, began to rub Jacqueline's breasts, teasing her nipples. Jacqueline laid back and spread her stumps, and watched Melissa crawl to her, dragging those lovely limp legs behind her across the bed. Melissa began kissing Jacqueline's stumps, licking them passionately, then made her way to Jacqueline's sex, until Jacqueline screaming pleasure, feeling electric waves of orgasm wrack across her body. Once she was done, she dragged herself to Melissa and began kissing and nibbling the woman's breasts and nipples, tracing thin lines across the areas her body lost all feeling. It took longer, but Jacqueline brought Melissa to a satisfying orgasm, and both women slept soundly in each other's arms.

Morning came, and Melissa was gone. Jacqueline felt an acute sadness, as she had expected Melissa to stay longer, at least for breakfast. She got out of bed and showered, put away the wheelchair and tidied up around the house, doing laundry. She decided to head out for a late lunch, and went to her closet to retrieve a summer hat. She put on a pair of sunglasses and grabbed one other item before leaving the closet. As she walked out of the closet, she paused for a moment and unfolded her white cane. Her eyes had gone milky white, and she tapped her way confidently to the phone, calling for another taxi. It came and honked, and she made her way out to it, easily following the curve of the front path. She had the driver take her to a shopping plaza, where she ordered a light lunch and listened to the seabirds.
She didn't hear anyone approach, but heard a voice, closer than she expected, say hello. It was obviously Melissa's voice, but there was no accusation or question in it. Before Jacqueline could answer or hope to explain, she felt a warm hand grab her wrist and guide her hand to what was obviously a wheelchair wheel, a wheelchair seat... and instead of the anticipated limp legs, she felt two smooth, soft stumps that barely poked out form inside a pair of what felt like khaki shorts. Jacqueline smiled, and even though she couldn't see it, she knew Melissa was smiling too.

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