Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Story - One Night Stand

One Night Stand By Paragirl

Michelle met him at the bar. She had seen him before, a few times - he looked very conservative, but there was something in his eyes... something predatory. She knew she should stay away from him, her gut told her that she should, but for some reason, on this night, when he offered to buy her a drink, she accepted. They chatted for a little while, had a few more drinks, and then before Michelle knew it, she was at his house. It wasn't a huge house, but of decent size and well-appointed. David - his name was David, she had learned - was an executive of some worth, at least that's what he had told her in the bar. One thing that was gnawing at the back of Michelle's mind, however, was their location - David's house was at least a half mile from his nearest neighbor, and he had a long, meandering private drive that put him probably a quarter mile back from the main road. If David turned out to be a bad person, there was very little Michelle could do about it.

David poured them two glasses of wine and they headed for the living room, continuing their talk. Michelle was tipsy, maybe even drunk, but the questions David was asking were curious and a little disconcerting to her. They all seemed to be about being taken care of, being cared for, being independent... Michelle played along - he had such nice eyes, didn't he? She tried to remember something about his eyes, something she had thought before, but the wine and his soft voice put her totally at ease. He kissed her on the couch, nibbled her ear a bit, kissed her neck, and before she knew it he was leading her into his bedroom.

The bedroom was very large, with a side area containing a Jacuzzi and other very nice appointments. Michelle let David undress her slowly as she fumbled with his belt. Soon they were in bed, tangled within each other, the sort of rough lovemaking that comes from too much wine and urgency and uncertainty. David turned Michelle over and took her from behind, she felt him enter her and it was like paradise - he was very skilled, she could tell. He thrust into her deeply, she spread more for him, her back arched and her ass in the air to give him better position, wanting him inside her more deeply...

Michelle bit her lip and began to moan - she could feel the orgasm building as David fucked her, thrusting into her, his hips slapping against her warm ass as he entered her deeply. She felt it build, felt the orgasm working its way to the surface, her moaning getting louder. She was so focused on the sensation, on the pleasure, that she totally missed the feeling of the alcohol swab across her lower back, and as she came to full orgasm, screaming into the pillow, she barely noticed the sensation of the hypodermic needle entering her lower back. When the plunger in the needle was pushed, Michelle screamed in earnest, and then collapsed on the bed. She felt strange, dizzy, and not just from the wine. She had felt a searing heat flash across her back as she came, but now it was gone. She lay there and wondered if David was still in her, then realized that she couldn't feel her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and saw David sitting there, his cock still hard, looking down at her. She tried to roll over, but her lower half wouldn't comply.
"David." Michelle said. "What's going on?"

David smiled, and the predatory look was back in his eyes. He didn't say anything, but Michelle was suddenly very afraid. She tried to move her legs, but she couldn't. Tried to wiggle her toes, but she realized she couldnt even feel her toes. She began to panic, her head spinning - what was going on?

"Let me help you roll over, Michelle." David said softly, and there was a tone in his voice that again put her at ease. She began rolling herself over, and David took her legs and moved them for her - they both looked limp, Michelle started to panic again.

"David, what's going on?" Michelle asked again.

"Dont' worry, Michelle. I'll explain everything in the morning - it will be OK in the morning. For now, I want to keep making love to you..."

"But, David... My legs...." Michelle said. She was confused, but the way David was looking at her, she felt something new stirring within her. She had made love to many men in her life, but she had never felt such desire from any of them as David looked at her now. She nodded to him and lay there, unable to do much else. She watched him as he lifter her feet - It was so strange, watching him handle her feet and legs, like they belonged to someone else. He lifted them and kissed them tenderly, then began to rub his cock and balls with them, stroking himself with her apparently useless feet. The look of ecstasy that flooded his face made Michelle feel amazing, feel wanted and desired. Very soon he came, spurting hot, sticky semen all over her feet. She assumed it was hot and sticky, anyway, from past experience, but this time, she had no idea, she felt nothing but numbness from her navel down.

David was still very erect, and he spread her legs for her and entered her, gently, sensually this time. She watched as he pushed into her, disconnected yet aroused all the same. The pleasure he took slipping his cock into her now numb pussy was obvious, and it thrilled her. He made love to her gently, sensually, and though she could not feel him in her any more, he whispered into her ear how lovely she felt, how lovely she looked to him, how he would care for her. She wasn't sure what he meant, but she had never felt so desired - so loved - in all her life. As she played with his hair, running her fingers through it, his breathing and pace quickened, and he was soon coming into her, moaning loudly and thrusting, his back arched. It was an orgasm that appeared to encompass his entire body, and he yelled out in ecstasy with is final thrusts into Michelle's numb sex. He withdrew from her and rolled over, exhausted, and lay there for a few minutes. Then he sat up, arranged Michelle's legs for her, and then lay beside her, his arm lying across her. He whispered 'Thank you' into her ear and drifted to sleep. Even though Michelle had a thousand things going through her head, she drifted to sleep too.

Michelle awoke alone in bed, her head hurting from the alcohol the night before. She was groggy and went to get out of bed, but something was wrong, her body wasn't following her instructions. Her legs wouldn't... the events of the previous night flooded back into Michelle as a panic, and she threw off the soft sheets to see that her legs were just laying there, limp, and more, she appeared to be wearing an adult diaper. She cried out for David but there was no answer. She worked her way into a sitting position, supporting herself with her arms, and tried to move her legs. Nothing - no movement, no sensation, nothing from her navel down. Using her hands, she pushed her limp legs off the bed, watching them both flop lifeless to the floor. She then forced herself up, trying to stand, but it didn't work - she collapsed to the floor, her legs crumpled and useless beneath her. She began to cry.

David found her halfway to the living room, crawling. She was crying, nearly hysterical. He lifted her in his arms and set her in the sporty wheelchair he had brought home, and then pushed her into the bathroom that adjoined the master bedroom.
"What did you do?" Michelle sobbed as David removed her diaper and lifted her into the shower chair that sat in the tub.

"I made you more beautiful." was his cryptic reply. By now she knew the truth - she was paralyzed, her body dead from the waist down. The diaper was because she could no longer control her bodily functions; she couldnt control her pee, and had already wet herself once. It was embarrassing, but David was taking such good care of her, cleaning her, washing her hair, putting a fresh diaper on her.

"I'm going to be like this forever, aren't I?" Michelle asked him as he lifted her back into her wheelchair, arranging her limp legs. His lack of response was all the reply she needed. She began sobbing again, quietly, as he wheeled her into the kitchen.

He prepared them a lovely brunch, but they didn't really speak. It was only as David got up to clear the dishes that Michelle broke the silence.

"I'll stay. If you'll promise to take care of me, I'll stay with you." she said.
"I'm not sure you understand what you're saying, Michelle. At least not yet." was his only reply.

That night, David helped Michelle into bed and removed her dress, then her diaper. He then sat on the bed and began slipping silk stockings onto Michelle's legs. She couldn't feel anything, of course, but they appeared to be expensive, and David took great care - and great pleasure - in slipping them onto her paralyzed legs.

Once he was done, he again used her limp feet to stoke himself, to masturbate, rubbing his cock and his balls with her lifeless feet. She watched and suddenly found herself becoming aroused. She began touching her nipples, rubbing and caressing her breasts... she slipped one hand down her stomach, towards her pussy, and gasped as she traced the line where her sensation stopped at her navel. She touched her pussy then, feeling it with her fingers as if she were touching another woman's sex, and David saw her do it. "No." was all he said, more of a moan, and she quickly retracted her hand, again focusing on her sensitive breasts, never taking her eyes off his hands and her feet.

He came again, moaning in ecstasy, then thrust into her deeply - she watched his cock thrust into her and longed to be able to feel it, but the pleasure it gave him was obvious. This time, he lifted her legs and spread them wide, getting deeper, fuller penetration. She was fascinated at how her legs stretched and flexed now. They were bent in ways she had never seen them bent, and she suddenly realized that they SHOULDN'T be bent that way, that, even though she couldn't feel any pain, any sensation at all, her legs were being harmed, her muscles were pulling, tearing, her hips were hyper-extended. She grew frightened again, but quickly calmed down, seeing David making such intense love to her. It wasn't like she'd be able to use her legs again, after all - this she knew already, David had confirmed it. David came again, much like the previous night, but Michelle thought it may have lost a little intensity. It was probably just her imagination.

The next morning the damage to her legs was obvious - they were purple in some places, but more noticeable was the fact that they were obviously more limp, more 'floppy' as David bathed and dressed her. David paid lots of attention to them, as always. He left for work and Michelle was alone in the house - he told her he'd be home at lunch, but he didn't show up until after 6pm. By that time, Michelle had explored all parts of the house she was able to - there was a locked door and a room that took two steps to get into - and she had peed her diaper and decided to change it herself. It took her close to an hour to do it, but she was finally able to change her diaper and wash herself at least somewhat.

When David got home he apologized to her and helped clean her again and put a fresh diaper on. He told her he had good news, that most days he would be able to work from home now, so that he would be able to better care for her. Michelle was thankful for that, because being alone and crippled made her feel very vulnerable.
Several weeks had gone by, and Michelle and David had fallen into a pattern. He would work from home in the room up the stairs, and she would watch TV, sometimes cook him lunch (though the kitchen wasnt adapted for wheelchair use, so that was usually very difficult for her), and they would make love every night. Michelle watched David's interest wane, however, as the weeks dragged by. Finally, one night, as he rubbed himself with her crippled feet, he wasn't even getting erect.
"What's wrong?" Michelle asked, concerned and frightened.

"Can't... it's just not working, Michelle." he said, embarrassed. "I need..."

"Whatever it is you need, David, you can have it." Michelle said, looking at him with both fear and honesty in her eyes. She knew now where his tastes lay, his true passions, and she accepted it.

David began to turn her over, but she protested. "I want to see it." she said, and he knew she meant it.

He must have been preparing for it already, because everything he needed was in the bedroom already, discretely tucked away. He lay her down in bed and put soft white socks on her feet, then placed a metal box on the bed. He placed her foot in the box and pulled a lever gently - the sounds from the box were horrifying, the breaking of bones and the tearing of sinews, but Michelle felt nothing at all, she watched as if it were a television show. When her foot was removed from the device, it was unrecognizable - completely deformed, every bone obviously broken. There was no blood - David was always careful for that - but her foot was totally destroyed. She stared at it, laying there limp and deformed, as she heard the bones breaking in her second foot. David put the device away and then kissed her feet - or what was left of them. He was again erect, extremely aroused, and seeing him begin to use her newly crippled feet to pleasure himself, to bring himself to orgasm, was enough to justify David's need. After he came explosively all over her deformed feet, Michelle asked him to move her foot to her mouth. She kissed her own crippled foot and licked his cum off of what used to be her toes and instep. He moaned to watch her do it, and dropped her leg limply on the bed, then entered her and began to fuck her vigorously. Again she felt his desire, his lust for her crippled form. How much more would he require? How much could she stand?

The next morning David added a new part to the morning routine - he wrapped both her crippled feet in elastic bandage, deforming them even more than they were the night before. She actually felt a thrill as she watched him wrap them - her feet no longer even resembled feet, and it was obvious she would never again wear shoes. He lay her deformed feet on her wheelchair footrests and continued with her daily routine.

Once David was working, Michelle lifted one of her legs with her hands and began feeling her foot - it was shattered inside, every bone broken - but the way David had wrapped it, it would heal in this twisted, deformed position. Her toes were curled under, her instep curled at a very unnatural angle. Every bone below her ankle was broken and re-shaped by David. She again kissed her foot, not even sure why, and again wondered how much farther David would go, but this time, the thought was met with some anticipation.

Michelle's feet had healed very deformed, as she had anticipated, and he had started to show his typical loss of interest a few weeks later. This time, before he had lost all interest, Michelle whispered to him during one of their lovemaking sessions 'I want more'. He came as soon as she said it, and he was prepared the following day.

This time it was both legs, as Michelle had expected and secretly hoped. This time was more violent - there was no box this time - but Michelle lay there as David broke her legs each in several places. Her shins were snapped, her ankles, both knees shattered. He didn't break her thighs, as he feared internal bleeding, but it didn't matter - her legs had never looked so crippled. This night, he turned her over, on her stomach, and though she obviously couldn't feel a thing, Michelle could tell that he was taking her anally, so he could better play with the mess that was once her long, beautiful legs.

The next morning was very different - David casted her legs, setting the bones all wrong, so they would stay deformed. Her ankles were turned in on themselves, her shins casted at slight yet noticeable angles. Here knees were simply bandaged with elastic bandages, as her feet had been. David also had to help her more; with the casts on she wasn't as able to do things for herself as well, transferring to and from her wheelchair became nearly impossible. For the five weeks the casts were on, David was extremely attentive to Michelle's needs, but she could tell he would only return to his usual in bed once her casts came off.

It was five weeks to the day when David took Michelle into the bathroom and removed her casts. Her legs were withered now, and very deformed. With the addition of her turned ankles, her feet now resembled nothing previously seen on a human body, they were that deformed. But David was ecstatic, incredibly aroused. He washed her gently but thoroughly, her first serious bath in five weeks, and then dried her off with several fluffy towels and set her in her wheelchair. He pushed her into the bedroom and undressed himself, so they were both naked, then wheeled her up, facing the bed. He then sat in front of her and lifted her legs into his lap, then dressed them in soft silk stockings. The opaque stockings enhanced the incredibly crippled condition of Michelle's legs, making them look even thinner and more twisted, deformed - however, once the stockings were on, she could see the beauty in them as well.

Once her stockings were on, David took her feet in his hands and again began his ritual of masturbation. This time, Michelle was so aroused they began again playing with her breasts, then without thinking began playing with her numb pussy again. David noticed and told her to stop, but Michelle was lost in her ecstasies and didn't notice. David pulled her out of her wheelchair and threw her to the bed, flat on her stomach. He entered her anus, as he had been doing lately, and began to fuck her roughly, saying something about crippled little girls are supposed to listen to their daddies. As he was about to cum, David took hold of Michelle's head, grabbing her by the side of the head and the chin. Michelle realized what was going to happen just moments before she felt the pop, and then she blacked out.

Michelle awoke to nothing. No sound, no feeling, no light. She feared that David had blinded her, but then noticed a crack of light from the closed window - it was just still dark out, the room was unlit. She felt something hard, uncomfortable at her chin, and knew David must have put her in a hard collar after he broke her neck. She tried to focus on her body, on what the extent of her new condition was; there was nothing at all below her neck, not even a tickle. She lay there, still and silent, for hours, until the sun started to lighten the room. See couldn't look around, couldn't move her head at all thanks to the hard collar, and she wondered if she could move her head even after it was off. She realized she was frightened.
It must have been later in the morning when she heard David. She heard him come in, and heard a different noise as well - she knew what it must have been immediately, and she was suddenly glad. David opened the bedroom door and she heard him come in, heard him maneuvering something next to the bed. Suddenly his caring face was in her frame of vision, smiling gently.

"How are you feeling, Michelle?" he asked genuinely.
"I'm not." she said softly. "You broke my neck."
"I know, I'm sorry." he said to her, looking away.
"No you're not, David. I see you looking at me now, my body totally useless. This is what you wanted all along; I see it in your eyes."
David wouldn't look at her.
"Make love to me, David. So I can watch it, experience it."
He propped her up gently on the bed, careful of her neck, and spread her legs. Michelle stopped him.
"Come close to me. I want to kiss you." she said in her new, soft voice.
David came close, kissed her on the lips sweetly.
"I want to feel you inside me again, David." she pleaded.
"You can't, Michelle." he said with some hint of desire in his voice. "Never again."
"I can, David. You know how."

David looked down at her crippled body and then got on the bed next to her, kneeling, placing his hard cock at her lips. She began to kiss and lick his cock, and he moved her head for her, gently, guiding her, moaning out loud as she licked and sucked his manhood. He came suddenly, much faster than he did usually, and Michelle tasted the hot cum as it shot into her mouth. She drank him down greedily, and he was on her before the taste even left her lips, his hard cock driving into her pussy as she watched unmoving. Her body now reacted differently to his lovemaking, and he seemed to be fucking her harder to accentuate the way her arms and legs bounced - no, flopped - around the mattress as he drove her. He lifted one of her hands and began sucking her fingers as she watched, and soon he was coming into her as strong as hard as he had ever done. He rolled off of her limp body exhausted and began stroking her hair gently.

"You'll need to care for me completely now, David." Michelle said after a short while.
"I know, Michelle." he said quietly. "I've been waiting for this day. You know that, I know."
"I know, David."
"Are you scared?" he asked her - it was the first time he had ever asked her about her part in all this, how she felt about it.
"As long as you don't leave me, I'll be OK, David." she said, and then added as an afterthought "This isn't the end, is it?"
David's lack of reply was all she needed as confirmation.

David helped her into the very nice power wheelchair he had bought for her. It was a mouth control that Michelle would need to get used to if she was on her own, but David liked to push her when he was with her. David brought her into the bathroom and lifted her gently, being careful with her neck, and sat her in the newly-added shower chair - it was slightly reclined and she could be belted into it. He washed her gently all over, then dried her where she sat. He then moved her into her power chair again and put her diaper on before belting her into the chair. He positioned her legs for her, then placed her arms on her lap, so her fingers rested across her bulky diaper.

He didnt' dress her much for the first month or so - she mostly sat in her power chair in her diaper, sometimes in booties on her deformed feet. David made love to her more gently as her neck healed, and after they were done making love, he would put a plug in her anus. She didn't know what he was doing at first, or why, but he showed her in the mirror how it slid into her anus tightly and her diaper kept it in. He said he didn't want her to get infections or sores from messing in her diaper, so the plug would keep her from going to the toilet until he could help her do it. Each morning, he would remove the plug when she was on her shower chair, and she would mess in the tub and he would clean her up, and then re-insert the plug when she was done. It was embarrassing at first, but then it became a comfort, and she wanted to have mirrors added so that she could always watch what he was doing to her.

The neck brace finally came off, and as Michelle feared, she had very little control of her neck. David re-adjusted the head support of her wheelchair, but she still couldn't turn her head much - maybe a few degrees on either side. Still, as soon as the neck brace came off, she wanted to try.

"David, come closer." she asked him as he was readying her for bed. He was already naked, as he loved making her ready for bed while he was undressed, so her body would rub against him in different ways.

David came close, then closer once he realized what she wanted. "Don't help me." she said quietly, and strained her neck to turn her head enough to kiss his cock. She fumbled for it, his hard manhood just millimeters out of her reach - she stuck out her tongue to touch it, she licked it lightly and he moaned, then moved himself closer, close enough for her to pull his manhood into her mouth. She sucked it and licked it and played with his hard cock like it was the mouth control of her wheelchair. He moaned and his hips started to buck as the pleasure got to him, but she was able to stay with him, keep sucking him. He thrust into her mouth and she gagged, his cock penetrating too deep, and she lost hold of him. He came on her face, on her numb breasts, spilling himself all over her crippled body. She lay there motionless, helpless, tears in her eyes.

David looked at her and understood why she was crying immediately. He made love to her several times that night, kissing her deeply and passionately, over and over again, until they both fell asleep.

Michelle woke groggy, with a very sore throat. David gave her a shot and she fell back to sleep.

It had been about three weeks. Michelle had been in and out of consciousness for the first week, then slowly regained her strength, starting off on liquids, then soft foods. Her throat no longer bothered her much, it was still a little scratchy sometimes, and it felt strange, but she didn't mind. She didn't know how he had done it - and would never be able to ask - but her tongue had been removed at the root. She would be silent, mute the rest of her crippled life. David had started to communicate with her in different ways, asking her to blink her eyes for yes and no, for example. He also had started touching her face a lot more, to add to their communication. He had started another new habit she truly enjoyed - he began reading to her as she sat in her wheelchair. He would usually read classics, like Dickens, but sometimes, before they went to bed, he would read erotic stories to get them both aroused.

Michelle loved to start David off with oral sex now, her mouth gaining strength and talent, and her neck muscles - what was left of them - actually beginning to strengthen, so that she could maneuver better. She could take him into her mouth fully now, swallow him up to his balls and massage his whole shaft with her tongue. She could make him cum into her in minutes now, and she loved having that kind of power over him, especially as powerless as she was in everything else.

One day, after David put her into bed, he pulled out the metal box again. Michelle was surprised, as he had shown no signs of losing interest again. She didn't question, just watched as he placed her left hand into a soft white sock, then into the device and wrenched the lever slowly. She heard her bones break again, could almost see her fingers snapping one by one. David pulled her now-mangled hand out of the box and performed the same ritual on her second hand, placing it in the soft white sock and placing it in the device, slowly pulling the lever, the familiar sound of breaking bones. Again, Michelle's hand was removed deformed, mangled. David, still not saying anything, then bound Michelle's crushed hands in elastic bandage as she had done her feet, ensuring that they would forever be deformed.

It was several days later, as David was feeding Michelle dinner, that he spoke of it. He said seeing her hands sitting there in her lap, looking so perfect, like there was nothing wrong - it didn't look right on the rest of her crippled body. She blinked to him that she understood, and it was the last they spoke of it. Once the bandages finally came off, she understood even more - they looked so crippled, so useless, they were perfect for her. David would play with them more, too - like her feet, he would play with her crippled hands, jerk himself off with them, sometimes even make her play with her own pussy with them, which excited her tremendously to watch. She still loved giving him head, and had begun using a series of blinks and grunts to get his attention and let him know what she wanted. He, in turn, found many new ways of pleasing himself with her crippled body - she was so utterly crippled now he could find all manner of ways to use her, and she loved each one in turn.

Michelle found that each new perversity excited her more and more. He would dress her up as a schoolgirl, or a prostitute, making sure her clothing accentuated her crippled frame. He would pull a large mirror up to the foot of the bed and make her watch as he inserted her anus plug, and then added a plug for her vagina, and he would make her lie there naked as he worked, so all she could see was her plugged bodily orifices. The plug in her vagina got slowly larger as the weeks passed, and Michelle began to feel an excitement again, as she believed she knew what would be coming. Their morning rituals became more perverse as well - David would remove Michelle's anus plug and she would have diarrhea all over the tub, but he wouldn't clean it right away, instead telling her she was a helpless cripple, berating her for not being able to use the toilet like a normal woman. Again, at first when he did this she was confused and shocked, but then she began to enjoy it, even expect it. Their love talk shifted from how lovely she was, how beautiful she was in her wheelchair, to how crippled she was, how she would never walk again, never stand; never feel anything below her neck. David's pet names for her shifted from 'my beloved' and 'darling' to 'crippled whore', and Michelle enjoyed it very much.

David now only made love to her anally or orally, if he penetrated her, loving the way her crippled ass or her tongue felt - but he had so many other ways of pleasuring himself with her crippled body. Her pussy had been widened by the ever-growing plugs he inserted daily, and of course with no working muscles, there was nothing she would ever be able to do about it - she would never be able to please him again that way, at least not in the traditional sense, but she didn't think he would have a problem with that - she believed she new what he had planned for that particular hole anyway.

Michelle grunted to get David's attention, and when he turned to look at her, she blinked that she wanted to please him. David nodded and undressed himself, then lifted Michelle into bed in a half-reclined position. He removed her diaper and her vaginal plug this time, and lifted her left leg and crippled foot, caressing it and kissing the mangled club. He then brought it back on itself, her muscles and ligaments long since torn or atrophied, and begin rubbing her pussy with the club foot. As Michelle had thought, he was able to insert the crippled club foot into her vagina - it was tight, but she watched it slip in a full four inches. Michelle moaned with pleasure as she watched it, instantly aroused seeing how deformed and perverse her body had become. David moved his cock to her lips, and she began to suck him off strongly, playing with his shaft with her talented tongue, feeling him inside her mouth. Michelle wanted him to cum, wanted to drink him in, and she looked up at him with her big, expressive eyes. He had a camera pointing down at her now - something he had done a few times before. She sucked him off, feeling him getting ready to cum, and as he began to moan and buck, as his hot semen shot into her tongueless mouth and throat, she looked up at him to see the expression on his face. He snapped the picture then, but it was different than before, wrong, it burned. She stopped sucking him, he kept coming onto her face, and she blinked several times - the flash had been very strong, very bright, and it made her eyes burn. She kept blinking, and the dots that she was seeing dissipated, but they dissipated into darkness. The last thing Michelle ever saw was her captor and lover succumbing to her ecstasy.

Communication became more challenging; because of her blindness Michelle couldn't see if David was looking at her, so he would usually touch her face when he was watching. She could still blink her responses, but her eyes were now milky white and unseeing. She could no longer see what David was doing to her, but he described it in great detail, which made her aroused just the same. David touched her face often, letting her know he was nearby, that he was with her. He continued to read to her as well, which Michelle loved more than ever now - he could transport her to worlds and times that she could at least see in her mind's eye if not ever in real life. Also, his erotic reading was all regarding her - he would tell her in great detail all of the things he wanted to do to his crippled little sex object. She could still hear what he did to her, the sounds her body made as he had his way with it. She sometimes imagined what he was doing to her just by the sounds. She heard snapping and breaking sounds again every once in a while, and she wished she could see what her body looked like after David broke her like that. She was sure her arms were now deformed to match her hands and legs. David still took her anally almost every night, and he often came on her face, to show her how turned on she still made him. She loved the hot salty taste of him, and she finally was able to communicate to him, after much trial and error, that she wanted to again taste his cum off her feet. She heard him then, knew he was jerking off with her feet, knew he was coming hot and wet all over her crippled feet, but when he brought her foot up to her lips, it was different - it felt much different. She licked and kissed all she could reach - it was round and smooth and soft, not like her crippled feet at all. She blinked and grunted to David and he admitted that, shortly after she went blind, he had amputated both her feet somewhat above the ankle. She sighed and David lay her back down and lay next to her, touching her face and hair, caressing her where she could feel, and probably having his way with all the parts of her she couldn't feel. She smiled and groaned in pleasure, not even knowing if David was doing something to pleasure her, but his returned sigh let her know he was there with her and still enjoying her beautiful, mangled, crippled body.


  1. I love how he let her have one last orgasm before forever paralyzing her.

  2. This is great. It would be great if you did one where the persons bones were removed altogether. They would be so soft and floppy.

  3. Have you considered a sequel? It's been three years...how would Michelle's personality and perceptions change during that time? Would he take her even farther?