Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's getting there....

Well, I've got some of my older stories posted now, and hopefulyl this week I'll have one of my new ones posted as well. If I start getting feedback, I think that will drive me to post more. If it seems like I don't have much of an audience I probably won't be as diligent about this.

Other than the blog, I'm still very happily living with Heather. We're planning on going away for a vacation together, and are trying to decide of I'll spend the whole vacation in a wheelchair or blind. It has to be one or the other, and I'm leaning towards blindsimming, actually, because I know what it would mean to Heather. The idea really excites me too - not as much as wheeling around, but I know the sex will be better if I'm 'blind' and tapping around with my white cane. the only thing we need to figure out is 'how' - we blindsim in the house with eye patches and blindfolds, and have done a few subtle things in public, but if I'm spending nearly a week in the same place as a blind woman, we'll need a better plan.

I did find real 'blind eye' contacts that literally make you blind and make your eyes look white and milky. I think Heather just about came when I showed her the link HERE - they look so good and it looks like I'd really be blind while wearing them. the only problem is I dont' wear contacts or glasses, so I'd have to get my eyes checked and then get fitted for contacts even though I don't need them - not sure how to pull that off, actually. We'll figure it out though.


  1. I have to admit, if I had the required information I would order these right now. Obsessed with being a paraplegic and at times a quadriplegic, but these contacts do seem like quite the experience, being blind is something that I can’t imagine, but seems like it would be extremely interesting experience. I guess you could get checked out under the guise of getting color contacts, non-prescription.

  2. Just order them and try them, It may take a while to get use to them. Just keep them clean. A good solution is 0.9% Normal Saline or a solution for contact lenses.

  3. instead of the creepy zombie white eyes, you should try something called the "pocket darkroom". They're completely black contact lenses, and they look for all the world as is you have dark colored eyes... but you really can't see out of them >:)